Stains (Poem)


A concussion is a lot like a golf ball in a water bottle.
Or rather, it’s a lot like
shaking a water bottle with a golf ball in it.
The golf ball (brain) hits the sides
of the water bottle (skull) to simulate
a concussion.

The orbital bone is the area around the eyes.
It breaks easily. A person
with a broken orbital can feel the shards
of bone shift in their skull.
How unfortunate it would be if a piece
of your own skull were to get in your eye.

Ribs are said to make a snapping sound when broken.
Sometimes broken ribs
point out towards your stomach.
The sharp end of the bone can
cut deep into your lining if
you move incorrectly.
This causes internal bleeding as well as
gurgling of blood and stomach acid at the mouth.

These are the things I keep in mind
when I look at the bruised bodies in front of me.
It is only when they lose consciousness
that I stop beating them.


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