Mystery’s Circumstances (poem)

My friend once told me that reality peeled back shows many lines connecting many different things.
This reminded me of the Egyptians, and
the Aztecs, and
Carl Jung who knew many things about dynamics which I could not perceive.
I have little knowledge on the subject
and yet I feel it has much to do with myself.

I saw 53 people walk before me at breakfast today
and there are 17 people in my classroom.
There are 458 steps between here and my bed
and last night I had a dream where I rode a bike around a miniature solar system.

When I was a child,
on picture day,
my mom told me to wear a belt.
I didn’t wear one
and that same day I got pants’d.
Was she able to predict the future?
And if so,
will I be able to too?


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